Our leggings are made of natural materials and wear best when treated with care.



Machine wash cold (not hot!) with like colors on the delicate cycle. A mild detergent works best, we recommend using a small amount of an eco-friendly detergent.

Set the spin cycle to the lowest spin setting. This is also a great tip to reduce the amount of microfibers that shed during the washing cycle. As with all leggings, avoid using fabric softener, which causes fabric weakness over time.



We strongly recommend hanging to dry. Machine drying can hinder the longevity of the leggings and may reduce the elasticity of the spandex over time. The heat from the dryer may also cause more pilling of the fabric. If you need to machine dry, do so on low heat.


Other care tips:  

Our leggings sometimes pick up lint due to the extra soft nature of the fabric. We recommend this plastic-free lint removal brush as a great eco-friendly, zero-waste option. Lightly rolling paper tape or a pair of nylons over the leggings works as well!

Occasionally, you may notice a bit of pilling. This is normal for soft natural fabrics. If you would like to remove some of the pills, we recommend this fabric comb.

If you have any questions about washing your leggings, email hello@repriseactivewear.com and we'll be happy to help you.