Plant-based activewear for a cleaner workout.

The activewear market is filled with plastic clothing that is coated in toxic, sweat-wicking and odor-resistant chemicals. These practices aren't great for our health or the health of our planet.  

The real issue? If you want to shop sustainably the athletic style options are minimal. The reality? Many of us want healthier choices but don't fit into just one look. We love to run, spin, yoga, box, HIIT train, hike, Pilates, rowing, you name it! That's why we created activewear made from nontoxic fabric that better fits your style.

Each of our pieces is made out of eco-super textile Tencel. The fabric for the tops is 92% Tencel / 8% Spandex and for the bottoms is 93% Tencel / 7% Spandex. Tencel is made from trees (mainly eucalyptus and spruce) that are grown in accordance with the Forest Stewardship Council. The fabric is sourced from suppliers in Los Angeles, where it is knit and dyed before being sent to us in New York.  

Tencel is created in a nontoxic closed-loop process – so there's very limited waste and no microplastic shedding. The brand name fiber ensures that the trees were grown in a sustainably managed forest, and the entire production process uses about 80% less water than cotton.