Reprise promotes a cleaner earth and a cleaner body by freeing our closets from plastic. Our name means 'a repeated practice' - exactly what our daily wellness practices are.

Reprise was created after learning about how much of our clothing is made out of plastic, so we only use natural materials in our clothing. We never use oil-based synthetics or recycled plastics because of their impact on the planet. We believe your skin deserves only the best, so we only work with plant-based fabrics to give you the cleanest wear.


We aim to educate on the use of plastics in the world and on our bodies because we think this is one of the most important environmental issues at this time.


We teach about using natural materials, while helping to eliminate virgin plastic use and reduce reliance on recycled plastics.

We inspire our customers to go beyond what they’ve previously done, to make small changes in their every day that add to a bigger change over time.


When you buy with us, you know you’re doing your part in making a small impact to invest in your wellbeing and the wellbeing of the planet.


We have more control over our health and wellness than we realize, and Reprise inspires our customers to explore this.