All about our new plant-based yoga mats

At Reprise, our mission is to take the plastics out of activewear. We started with leggings and now are super excited to introduce a partnership with Oko Living, a company making completely plastic-free yoga mats and towels!

Did you know that most yoga mats are made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), aka vinyl, which is a known human carcinogen? Like in activewear, a cocktail of chemicals is added to the raw materials to increase performance qualities: to make the mat soft, "sticky" and flexible. If you've ever brought your yoga mat to hot yoga or worked out in the sun, you can probably smell these chemicals off-gassing.

We know you deserve the best, so we searched far and wide to find a clean, non-toxic, plant-based alternative. We're super excited today to introduce the Oko Living hand-loomed cotton mats! These mats are herbal dyed using an ancient ayurvedic method that preserves the bioactive medicinal qualities of the plants.

Science shows our skin absorbs what it touches, both by wearing or by interacting with a material. Say goodbye to typical toxic PVC mats! You deserve a luxurious yoga experience that deepens your practice, purpose and connection to natural wellness. Production of these mats takes a full day to hand weave plus several days prior for cotton spinning, prepping and dying. Fair wages and safe working conditions are ensured to our artisan partners.

p.s. a few other added benefits: 

  • These mats are naturally antibacterial & antifungal
  • Underlined with a natural latex tree-rubber floor grip
  • The mat will give you peace of mind that you're living true to your values.
  • Natural mats have less grip than synthetic ones, which will add an extra challenge and build more strength over time.
  • Natural materials are what Yoga was founded upon thousands of years ago :)

Questions about how to use your new mat? Checkout this video here.