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Box N Beats x Reprise Activewear

Box N Beats x Reprise Activewear

Hey Everyone!

I'm excited to bring to you the first exercise series that I put together with Aaron and Dre of Box N Beats - one of the best workouts in NYC. This week we're bringing to you a little boxing 101, since boxing is my favorite form of working out. I've been working out with Box N Beats for the past 3 years and this class is part of what inspired me to create Reprise so I'm excited to share this with you!

The clothing I'm wearing isn't our samples quite yet - but they are definitely being used for design inspiration.

Before you get started on the videos, here's the custom playlist Dre and I put together - make sure to turn it up during your next workout:

First we're starting with the very basics - hand wraps:

Now that we've got all the gear on - it's time for the two most simple punches: the 1-2, or sometimes called jab-cross. 

Uppercuts are next and are similar to the 1-2, except you're coming from underneath and punching upwards:

In boxing, it's not always about throwing punches; sometimes you have to play defense! Here's a quick way to slip to the side to avoid an oncoming punch.

And finally, if you see a punch coming more directly at you, it might be best to duck:

What do you guys think? Have you taken any boxing classes before? Let us know where in the comments below!

Yogi Approved

Yogi Approved