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March Workout + Playlist

March Workout + Playlist

We are 1 month away from launching! It's been an exciting, but stressful time so I've been turning to more yoga than ever.

I got the chance to practice with a good friend of mine, who recently completed her teacher training series at Sky Ting Yoga, before she left to travel the world for 6 months. She's the one who helped guide me into my first-ever headstand so I figured it would be fun to provide some of the top yoga tips for more challenging poses, using her as my teacher.

The playlist for this month is inspired by sunny days and summer. It's currently 30 degrees and ice-raining in New York so I've been craving anything that reminds me of sunny weather.

1. Pick a spot to focus

Balance is something for me that can be a hit or miss depending on the day. There are a lot of moves I learned from personal training that can help to improve balance, but there are just some days where I feel like I have gummy worm legs. I've found that if I have laser sharp focus on one area and dedicate all my energy to that one solid spot, I'm more likely to find balance. 

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2. Set a clear intention

Most yoga classes start by asking you to dedicate the practice to something, be it yourself, a friend, a family member, a feeling you want to have, etc. This part really started resonating with me once I started honing in on why I was there. I've started dedicating my yoga practice to the feeling of accomplishment - as an entrepreneur that's a much desired feeling - and it helps really push me through the tough poses when I want to give up.

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3. Practice against a wall

The fear of falling out of an inverted pose keeps me away from them during most classes. I've found that outside of class, if I'm able to get close to a wall where I know I can have a chance of saving myself if I fall backwards, I'm more likely to feel confident enough to raise my legs up.

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